CS Unitec

CS Unitec, Inc. offers a full line of professional heavy-duty portable electric, pneumatic and hydraulic power tools for marine, industrial and construction applications – including underwater, hazardous environments and all ATEX and Ex Zones. Our metalworking tools include portable magnetic drills, annular cutters up to 8” depth, low vibration needle scalers, surface preparation tools, portable saws, sanding, grinding and polishing surface finishing tools, corner drills, drive motors, tube expansion motors, portable drills, non-sparking, corrosion-resistant safety hand tools and more. For more information, visit https://www.csunitec.com.

Featured Technology

Heavy-duty portable electric, air, and hydraulic power tools for metalworking applications in marine, industrial and construction environments

CS Unitec’s heavy-duty portable electric, pneumatic and hydraulic power tools provide unparalleled performance and reliability in metalworking applications. Pneumatic power allows tools to be used in wet and underwater environments, as well as hazardous environments, enabling work on pipes, ship decks, storage tanks, bridge structures and more. Low-vibration needle scalers and surface preparation tools offer high performance and lower vibration for greater productivity and improved operator comfort. A wide range of long-lasting consumables improves efficiency and prolongs productivity.

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