CN-Seamless, Inc.

CN-Seamless is bringing seamless automation to the field. Our core product offering, the Mach 1, is a portable, easy to use robotics platform that takes less than 2 minutes to deploy anywhere. Rather than bringing the material to the machine, the Mach 1 mounts directly to any plate, beam, or machinery in any position. Currently we offer two attachments, enabling our customers to cut any thickness of steel or aluminum with oxy-fuel or plasma cutting. We plan on expanding this offering to welding, beveling, and other manufacturing processes to expand our attachment portfolio and build an ecosystem of advanced, human-friendly products. 
We are currently working through an AFWERX Phase 1 grant to learn more about the needs of the Air Force and other military branches to develop additional attachments and adaptations of our product for the Warfighter. We have a letter of support from a director of maintenance in the Air Force and are seeking additional end-users to strengthen our Phase 2 proposal. 


Josh Cooper 

Mach 1

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