Bionic Lift, LLC / TriboTEX

Bionic Lift, LLC is a veteran owned company focused on integrating warfighter focused solutions to increase readiness, improve performance and reduce operations and sustainment costs.  Our innovative upper body and lower body, non-powered exoskeletons and sustainment/accessories packages are focused on improving worker health, employee production, and company output.  Bionic Lift exoskeleton and sustainment offerings reduce fatigue, decrease injuries, increase organizational/individual production, and increase worker morale across a number of different functional areas, job tasks, and work environments.  Our product is ready for integration and proven as ideal for:  Maintenance Repair Overhaul; Construction; Facility Maintenance; Logistics / Warehousing; Civil Engineering; Munitions; and more…

TriboTEX delivers functional coatings to moving parts with ease of topping up a fuel or lubricant. The key company technology originated from research funded by DOE, NSF, NASA and Air Force in friction-reducing materials.

Featured Technology

Skelex 360 Upper Body Exoskeleton

The Skelex 360 is a wearable, non-powered, upper-body Exoskeleton.  This system has high ergonomic wearability by supporting ­wearers without limiting their freedom of movement.  It reduces the strain on persons performing work overhead, holding tools or with arms extended, for instance in vehicle/equipment assembly, servicing and/or repair.  It is ideal for construction and mechanical trades work such as electrical, HVAC, plumbing, facility maintenance and other tasks.  The exoskeleton is lightweight and can be put on as easily as a backpack.  It is individually adjustable and allows unrestricted freedom of movement.  There are no batteries, electronics or servomotors; instead, the construction is based on intelligent carbon-fibre suspension.

Noonee Chairless Chair, Lower Body Exoskeleton

Bionic Lift’s offering of the “Chairless Chair” by Noonee is a rigid brace that allows you unrestricted movement in the work location and to actively switch between sitting, standing and walking positions to maintain ergonomic health.  The brace can be activated at any time to lock into place, turning the exoskeleton into a chair.  It helps alleviate work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs) such as swelling of legs, varicose veins, low back, leg, ankle, and feet pain, and stiffness in back, neck and shoulders.

Greg Bernitt


Smart coating generated by two-sided anisotropic nanoparticles (sticky/slippery). When particles build up on the rubbing surfaces, the resulting protective layer is thick enough to compensate for years of accumulated damage thus providing a repair-like effect to the surface. We call it REVERSE WEAR.

Dr. Pavlo Rudenko, Ph.D.