Atmospheric Plasma Solutions

The mission of Atmospheric Plasma Solutions, Inc. (APS) is to be the leading provider of innovative atmospheric plasma solutions for a broad range of emerging applications in defense and commercial markets. APS has perfected the delivery of plasma at atmospheric pressures using only compressed air and electricity. The company’s flagship PlasmaBlast® precision surface preparation system can remove organic coatings, clean surfaces and promotes adhesion that results in lower job costs, improves worker safety, and increases environmental safety. The PlasmaBlast® is a complement to or replacement for grit blasting, laser, or water jetting methods. The company’s systems are used by the US Navy, US Army, pharmaceutical manufacturers, Fortune 100 firms, and more. Additionally, APS conducts advanced atmospheric plasma research in partnership with private companies, federal agencies, and leading research universities.

Featured Technology

An Innovation in Surface Preparation

PlasmaBlast® is field-deployable and easily portable, with a handheld, ergonomic precision plasma pen and a power supply that weighs less than 35 pounds. With compressed air and electricity, PlasmaBlast® harnesses a “cold” plasma beam to vaporize paints, sealants, and epoxies. The process converts a significant portion of the removed organic coating into water vapor and carbon dioxide, leaving a small volume of solids that can be safely collected with a HEPA vacuum. Testing conducted by NAVSEA 05 documented that this method does not cause changes to the substrate metallurgy.

Problem Statement

Protecting and maintaining assets in highly corrosive environments has been a challenge for centuries. Assets that require precision coating removal around compromised structures require a precision tool that does not impact the structure leading to failure. Removal of any metal or damage to surfaces must be avoided in these scenarios, which disqualifies highly abrasive removal methods. Although some new technologies have emerged in recent decades, the technologies of abrasive blasting, grinding, and needle-gunning remain the dominant removal methods employed today.

Benefits Statement

The PlasmaBlast® system offers the benefit of total surface preparation, including coating removal, cleans surfaces, and promotes adhesion: • Requires only compressed air and electricity to operate. • Is safer, environmentally friendly, and requires minimal containment and clean-up. • Delivers significant time savings to meet work schedules. • Enables fast training, ease of operation, and low maintenance requirements. • Offer a media- and chemical-free solution.

Solution Statement

The PlasmaBlast® 7000-M Surface Preparation System is an effective solution for: • Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI/NDT). • Spot coating removal for repair, rework, and weld preparation. • De-painting in locations where grit and water blasting are restricted. • Effective removal of coatings from corners, cracks, crevices, and other tight spaces.

Phil Jensen