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ARSOME Technology is a full-service Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed reality (AR/VR/XR) software development company located in Manchester, Connecticut. ARSOME works with companies and organizations to develop digital programs, systems, and applications to better educate and train employees or personnel on workforce activities and development. ARSOME executes a 4-phase project management process: storyboard, development, testing, and deployment. This process ensures objectives are met and stakeholders are satisfied. Additionally, ARSOME collaborates with Subject-Matter-Experts (SMEs) to develop digital programs, systems, and applications that align to company or organization objectives.


Featured Technology

Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed reality (AR/VR/XR)


ARSOME develops mixed reality or “virtual model” Learning Management Systems (LMS) with continuously more challenging modules presenting learners high resolution 3D-models that will meet the needs advanced 21st century learning and visualization for shipboard or shore technical manuals, maintenance procedures, construction, repair, and various other applications. We envision to support a set of multi-discipline learning modalities by combining Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to enhance and greatly improve training for casualty or maintenance scenarios. For example, with augmented and virtual reality modules, maintainers can learn more efficiently and effectively using self-paced, classroom, remote group, or a community augmented 3D learning environment. Augmented and Virtual Reality modules can be used in a pre-learning experience, then tested and evaluated through the digital/augmented scenario prior to on-site construction, maintenance, repair or casualty evolutions. Further, the data captured from the tracking of performance will inform both the instructor and learners of areas where improvement is required.


DoD/DoN standards, checklists and manuals for training, repair, maintenance, construction, and casualty scenarios tend to be antiquated, convoluted, or in formats that may be difficult to understand or need improvement. Today’s learner (i.e., contractors, sailors, maintainers) are highly visual learners and perform much better, with higher retention and faster adoption, using modern modalities and methodologies such as Augmented and Virtual Reality.


ARSOME Technology will work with managers and teams to develop AR/VR/XR solutions tailored to the requirements, needs, and pain points of Navy maintenance, repair, construction, and casualty training. With ARSOME’s technology, we envision faster learning, faster repairs, better efficiencies, and fewer mistakes, leading to lowered costs and higher performance.


The use of advanced 21st century tools such as AR/VR can enhance learning, increase adoption, and improve retention, leading to better efficiencies, more cost savings and higher performance.

Jean-Pierre Bolat