American GFM Corporation

GFM organization is a custom machine builder and operates in a variety of industries, such as the automotive, aircraft, defense. For over 70 years, we have been developing machines for a wide variety of production technologies. Included are ultrasonic cutting machines, high speed routers and tape laying machines for composites. 

Our manufacturing solutions are used extensively in the aviation industry as part of the production process for composite aircraft components. These technologies can be combined with peripheral technologies to create complete manufacturing cells for the composites industry. 
As the use of composites increases, GFM is developing solutions to automate composite repair. Existing manual composite repair procedures are outdated, time consuming, error-prone, exhaustive, and provide no digital data. Manual composite repairs are more prone to future failure. GFM is offering a system to improve and modernize the composites repair process by developing stationary solutions, based on our core machine tool technologies.


Edward Mihalko 

Automated Composite Manufacturing and Repair

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