3D Printing Corporation, K.K.

3D Printing Corporation, K.K. is an American-owned 3D printing solution provider operating from Yokohama, Japan. We have a track record of supporting regional US military installations. Our company offers a large catalog of professional, industrial, and desktop 3D printers. In addition, we are engaged with the local and global community advancing additive manufacturing and related technologies. 

Current commercial customers include: Takenaka, Asahi Kasei, Misumi, Unilever, Kuwabara, Zeon, JAXA, IDEC Yokohama, Japan Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport. 

Current DOD customers include: Yokota Air Force Base Yokowerx Spark Cell, Yokosuka Navy Ship Repair Facilities, III MEF Marines, Okinawa, Army Torii Station Maintenance Division. 


Digital Manufacturing Platform Integration for Additive Manufacturing


What We Offer:

  • Digital platform: The TAIGA platform is a manufacturing interface specialized for integrating 3D printing manufacturing.
  • Design Engineering: 3DPC advanced DfAM services for AM works in combination with other manufacturing methods. Services include design optimization, performance evaluation of existing designs, and manufacturing process simulation using numerical analysis. We rapidly drive cost-effective solutions.
  • Manufacturing: A wide variety of in-house equipment is located in Yokohama. AM technologies include: metal powder bed fusion (PBF-L), metal direct energy deposition (DED), carbon fiber fabrication (<1 meter), powder bed fusion plastics, liquid resin, and fused filament fabrication (FFF) with continuous fiber reinforcement. In-house post-processing and inspection technologies are also available.
  • Hardware Integration Consulting: We propose the optimal solution according to the customer’s growth stage and plans. We provide support, from installation to training and operational support. We offer purchase, lease and rent options.

Problem statement:

  • AM is an emerging and changing technology
  • Integration into regular operations requires proof of suitability and new processes/ strategies
  • Design thinking is developed by experience
  • Challenge to take from concept to end-use, manufacturable item

Technology Solution:

  • Digital platform to centralize data
  • Integration with computer aided design and engineering
  • Education and consulting to enable user success

Benefits statement:

  • Integrated digital technologies enable wholistic solutions
  • Digital data can be rapidly deployed and accessed for design, evaluation, and fabrication
  • Opportunities for customization, adaptable, lightweighting, and optimized design
  • Delivery of digital information enables local fabrication



Enora Rogers