NCMS/PMS 555 Industry Day

The U.S. Navy has begun the effort of modernizing their four domestic shipyards and is looking for innovative technologies!

The Navy wants their repair facilities to be the most, innovative, efficient, productive, and cost-effective facilities in the world.

PMS 555 is the program management office charged with identifying “out of the box” solutions to rapidly change the infrastructure with the focus of increasing throughput at the public shipyards.

NAVSEA is dedicated to locating, partnering with, and adopting best-in-class technologies that will transform production facilities into the shipyards of the future.

U.S. industries have the technologies to make that goal a reality. Now is the time to begin discussions and present your technologies to key project decision-makers.

Help the Navy plan for the future defense of our nation by attending the Shipyard Modernization Industry Day on November 7, 2019 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST at Crystal Gateway Marriott, Arlington, VA.


Thursday November 7th

Agenda coming soon!


Crystal Gateway Marriott
1700 Jefferson Davis Highway
Arlington, Virginia 22202 USA
Grand Ballroom


The earliest setup time will be at 6:00 AM the morning of November 7th, 2019.  Depending on room availability, we may have access to the room for early setup, the evening of November 6th.  Please refer to your exhibitor information packet that is sent the week prior to the event for confirmation.

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Crystal Gateway Marriott
1700 Jefferson Davis Highway
Arlington, VA 22202
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Storage Charges:

  • Pallets-$75.00 per day
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Desired Technologies

**Please check back often as technologies will be added as requested.

    • Digital transformation
      • Centralized computer technology
      • Secure transmission
      • Sensor technology
      • Power distribution for adaptive facilities
      • AI
      • Machine learning and automated tool ordering
    • Advanced Manufacturing
      • AM advancements
      • Metal AM printing
      • Cold spray
      • Welding
      • Meld
    • Surface Restoration and preparation
      • Cleaning technologies
      • Automated scanning
      • Laser ablation systems
    • Automation and Robotics
      • AR/VR (training)
      • Automated tool delivery systems
      • Nanotechnology for pipe inspection
      • Material handling
      • Vertical lift systems
      • Elevator tower systems dry docks
    • Environmental
      • Ventilation control systems
      • Closed loop water system
      • Water cooling systems
      • Industrial waste water treatment
    • Utilities
      • Battery systems
      • Renewable and sustainable energy sources
      • Self generating potable water systems
      • Waste disposal to include hazardous waste
    • Process Modernization
      • Data analytics derived from modeling and simulation
      • 3D scanning of facilities and large areas

NCMS Room Block:

Crystal Gateway Marriott
1700 Jefferson Davis Highway
Arlington, Virginia 22202 USA

NCMS has reserved a limited amount of room at the Crystal Gateway Marriott with a reduced nightly rate.  Group rates are available the night of November 6th and 7thReservations must be received on or before Friday, 10/18/2019 (the “Cut-Off Date”).  At the cut-off date, the hotel will release all unreserved rooms for general sale, and determine whether or not it can accept reservations based on a space and rate-available bases.  Please click the link below to reserve your room with the NCMS room rate.

Click here to access NCMS Room Block

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Exhibitor List Coming Soon!

Government Attendee

Non-contractor Government Employees Only

Exhibitor with Table Top

One individual exhibitor registration
One exhibitor table top

Early Bird: Before 10/20   $100
10/21 – 10/31   $200

Exhibitor Support (No Table Top)

Registration for one individual who is supporting staff for a previously purchased exhibitor table top
Previous table top registration required per company

Early Bird: Before 10/20   $100
10/21- 10/31   $200