CSAT 2017 Workshop

Northeastern University, Boston, June 14-15, 2017 – The practical uses of Cold Spray are growing to the point where the technology is beginning to enter the Aerospace and Defense market as a solution distinct from thermal spray. Cold spray has been qualified for use by the Army by the Program Office UH-60 Blackhawk for the repair of magnesium aerospace components. It is also being used for landing gear hydraulics for the B1 Bomber, and it has been demonstrated by ARL in collaboration with private industry for applications for additive manufacturing as diverse as near-net forming of shape charge liners, donor tubes for explosive cladding and sputter targets.

The CSAT Workshop provides opportunities to:

  • Discuss/debate the current state of the art cold spray technology and share data and experiences;
  • Educate all potential users concerning the limitations of cold spray and present in-depth data/knowledge centered around a mutually agreed upon application, which is currently the “Structural Repair of Magnesium Aerospace Components”;
  • Network by assisting in the process to develop RDT&E projects, materials, processes, specifications and standards that will be useful to the cold spray community.

The CSAT 2017 workshop is scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday, June 14-15, 2017 at Northeastern University, Boston, MA 02115. The registration fee is $70.00 to cover the cost of food and drink.

The theme for CSAT2017 is “Structural Repair and Additive Manufacturing.”

CSAT will offer attendees another packed agenda with information to include: (1) Advanced Cold Spray Materials, (2) Feedstock Powders, (3) Portable and Mobile Cold Spray Systems, (4) Structural Repair and Additive Manufacturing, (5) Modeling and Simulation, (6) Helium Recovery, (7) Applications Development, (8) Specifications and Standards, (9) Nondestructive Evaluation, and (10) Characterization.

This year ARL has spearheaded an effort to create a Military Handbook for Cold Spray, along the same lines as MIL-HDBK-5J, DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE HANDBOOK: METALLIC MATERIALS AND ELEMENTS FOR AEROSPACE VEHICLE STRUCTURES. This document will contain design information on the strength properties of metallic materials and elements for aerospace vehicle structures. All information and data contained in this handbook will be coordinated with the Air Force, Army, Navy, Federal Aviation Administration, and industry prior to publication, and will be maintained as a joint effort of the Federal Aviation Administration and the Department of Defense. This Handbook will be intended to provide a source of design mechanical and physical properties, and joint allowables.

Workshop Registration: http://attend.com/CSAT2017REG

Accommodations: http://www.coldsprayteam.com/accommodations.html

Abstracts will be accepted and can be submitted to workshop@coldsprayteam.com. Exhibitors will be limited and accepted on a first come first serve basis and requests can also be made directly to workshop@coldsprayteam.com. CSAT attendance will be limited to 350. Last year’s attendance was over 300 so early registration is encouraged. There are already close to 100 registrants to date. You may view previous workshops at www.coldsprayteam.com.

Date(s) - 06/14/2017 - 06/15/2017
12:00 am

Northeastern University