Veteran Technology, LLC

Veteran Technology, LLC is a product development partner specializing in working with small businesses with promising technologies that represent opportunities to reduce costs, improve operational capability or reduce maintenance costs to support DoD systems. It helps small businesses new to DoD engagements, including SBIR/STTR pursuits, engage program offices and end-user customers on problem identification, funding, and product qualification. For mature technologies, Veteran Technology works with partners to identify other potential opportunities of value to the DoD, including developing and executing strategies that further possible adoption benefits with different program offices and agencies.

Featured Technology

Tactical Welder – The Ultimate Solution in Welder Mobility

Tactical Welder is a compact, lightweight, portable Welder in a backpack system that exponentially increases welders’ efficiency in conducting repairs or modifications aboard a ship. The backpack system incorporates ½ kilowatt power, patented power management, and safety technology, allowing welders to complete Flux Core or MIG welding. In 2020 Tactical Welder was an awardee in the SOCOM Welder Challenge and received a DOD Tech Connect Innovation award in addition to the Edison Gold Award in the power management category.

The system includes a welding gun designed from the ground up for the shipyard with welders’ inputs from BAE Systems, GD/NASSCO, Huntington Ingalls Pascagoula, and Austal Shipyards. Features include flexible nozzles, supports wire from 0.030 to 0.052, easy wire feed mechanisms that allow for welding in low light environments. To draw up to 300A, the Tactical Welder can weld up to ½ steel with a 30% duty cycle. An optional Amp Controller is available to be included with the system that fits in the backpack when more precision is required.

The Tactical Welder system is ideal for the shipyard welder to work punch down lists and achieve a full recharge in 2.5 hours. At 27lbs, this backpack system enables welder mobility and translates increases Welder efficiency.

John Murphy