United Aircraft Technologies, Inc.

Maintenance activities across the aviation industry have a great concern with the reduction and management of operator workload were humans are required to make quick accurate decisions. UAT is aware of the problems of information overload and is developing a solution presented in a system for monitoring the aircraft wiring through Smart Clamps equipped with sensors and AR. The system uses a user-centric interface that would replace the old, metal clamps and associated hardware that hold wire bundles today. The old clamps often deform, and the rubber coating wears off exposing the metal band, cutting through the insulation, and causing an electrical short. The Smart Clamp greatly reduces aircraft weight, which is extremely valuable to the military and commercial airlines.

The Smart Clamps have sensors embedded that can read the voltage and amperage flow in a bundle of cables. When used with AR, is capable of visualizing faults in wire bundles and can isolate a single wire. The Smart Clamp simplifies installation, reduces maintainer fatigue, minimizes associated repetitive strain injuries, and dramatically reduces fly-weight. The system is wireless and is powered by harvesting the energy from the aircraft vibrations. The data would be gathered and stored every time a scan is done. The continued data collection of an entire program of recorded data would enable predictive failures, preventing unnecessary down time, and increasing equipment readiness.


Featured Technology

Augmented Reality Monitoring System for Aircraft Wiring Maintenance

UAT is developing a smart aircraft clamp solution with an Augmented Reality Monitoring System for aircraft wiring that improves fuel economy (overall weight reduction of the aircraft), decreases the occurrence of Repetitive Strain Injuries among the workforce, improves aviation/aerospace maintenance through 3D fault location and visualization, and reduces the environmental impact of CO2 emissions.

Daryian Rhysing