Ubihere is currently commercializing a GPS denied indoor low-cost, low-power, machine learning, sensor-based location and navigation system. This unique technology allowing for low-cost, highly accurate navigation and positioning of asset, people, equipment and other items of interest indoors without the need for costly and bulky infrastructure such as RFID or RF triangulation. The company’s patented on-chip sensor fusion allows for real-time on-tag correlation between geo-registered data stored on the tag and the historical sensor readings.

Our video processing technology can record locations and journeys in real time, examining customer interaction and optimizing associates’ time on the floor.

Our machine learning algorithms analyze your data and turn tracking into insights. Instead of handing off raw positioning data, Ubihere software is customized for your business needs, providing vital information to inform critical decisions.


Featured Technology

No GPS Indoor Tracking and Computer Vision for Manufacturing

Developed by leading imaging and geospatial researchers, Ubihere’s dynamic and easy-to-use positioning systems and products give individuals and organizations the power to uncover actionable information. With both hardware and software offerings, Ubihere’s tag technology and machine learning analytics help clients improve workstation safety, retail experience, fleet management and operational efficiency. With partnerships and applications in the areas of healthcare, manufacturing, national security, retail and emergency response, Ubihere provides users with the critical information they need to make key operational decisions.

Eric Wagner