TIP Technologies

For over 30 years, TIP Technologies has helped some of the world’s largest corporations gain a competitive advantage with its highly respected quality assurance solutions. TIP Technologies focuses on serving the needs of companies in regulated discrete manufacturing industries and stays on top of the stringent requirements required of today’s manufacturers. Use of its TIPQA and TIPSFE solutions has resulted in documented success by companies that demand delivery of highly regulated products. TIP Technologies helps manufacturers and their suppliers expand upon quality initiatives through seamless ERP integration.

TIP Technologies has more expertise in understanding complex quality business processes in a regulated manufacturing environment than any other solution provider. TIPQA supports best practices in quality and assists organizations in building a comprehensive continuous improvement strategy. TIPQA enables effective management the quality process in its entirety—with the functionality and flexibility that you need to do it well.

TIPQA automates processes focusing on compliance, traceability for all material, parts, and finished goods. Companies can help track sub-tier suppliers in accordance with DoD and NIST guidelines. The following is a list of standard quality assurance initiatives that can be completed using quality software from TIP Technologies:

• First Article Inspection

• Complete Product Genealogy/Traceability of Parts

• Automation of Audits

• Modernized MRO Tracking

• Supply Chain Management

• Mission Assurance & Industry Compliance

• Minimized Risk of Counterfeit Parts

• Support the New Product Introduction Process

• Advanced Product Quality Planning / PPAP

• Temperature Controlled Materials Management



Featured Technology

TIPQA Quality Management Solution

The integrated TIPQA solution supports the complete range of quality functions and the complex business requirements facing manufacturers today. Companies use TIPQA to achieve continuous and measurable improvements while advancing customer service, productivity and profitability. TIPQA Shop Floor Execution empowers companies to efficiently manage daily production processes on the shop floor and automate quality compliance with a single solution. TIPQA is off-the-shelf quality assurance software that is scalable and highly configurable. It offers an interface for every major ERP system and can be configured for use with other business systems.

The TIPQA Quality Management Solution from TIP Technologies provides visibility into quality metrics, product lifecycle management, shop floor control, and supplier performance, while instilling a culture of quality across the organization. With real-time visibility into the production process, users can accelerate their reaction to a shift in the quality process and become more proactive about improving operational efficiencies. TIPQA simplifies the quality assurance process, while allowing users to address the most advanced challenges in manufacturing.

Use of the TIPQA solution has resulted in proven, documented success by countless companies that demand delivery of highly regulated, quality products. TIPQA offers a suite of integrated modules that support the complete range of quality management and compliance functions.

Lisa Bergstrom