The Applied Research Laboratory / The Pennsylvania State University

The Applied Research Laboratory at the Pennsylvania State University is a Navy designated University Affiliated Research Center (UARC) that conducts essential research, development, and systems engineering in support of our nation’s priorities free from conflict of interest or competition with industry. ARL supports national security, economic competitiveness, and quality of life through education, scientific discovery, technological demonstration, and successful transition to application.

Featured Technology

Tactical Welder – The Ultimate Solution in Welder Mobility

The multifunctional Automated Repair System (MARS) is a portable robot-based repair system that can perform a number of different repair and refurbishment operations including LIDAR (surface scanning), paint removal, grinding, eddy current and ultrasonic inspection, and Cold Spray for metal deposition. Each system is attached to the robot with quick disconnects. The robot control system comes with a tutorial for each technology allowing the user to perform a number of different operations essential for maintenance and damage repair. The control system and end effectors can be used on several different types of robots which saves time and money. The size and mobile magnetic base of the robot makes the robot detachable allowing for use of the robot in the interior of ships. submarines, vehicles, and aircraft.

Timothy Eden