Terydon Inc.

Based in Northeastern Ohio, Terydon, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing high pressure waterjet systems, tooling, and accessories since 1994.

Graced with a collaborative collection of resourceful backgrounds, Terydon has combined efforts over the years with contractors, manufacturers, and both large and small businesses to discern the most efficient and successful means of reaching high quality, cost effective, consumer-specific objectives.

Ranging from all-inclusive systems, fine-tuned for special situations, to custom applications designed per customer request, Terydon also guarantees countless options for everyday challenges.

A comprehensive selection of nozzles, cutting heads, tooling, and accessories are easily adapted to meet personal needs, as well as to further compliment previously established cutting or cleaning systems.

Twenty years of ultrahigh pressure experience and over twenty years of developing, designing, and implementing high volume cleaning and cutting on site has equipped Terydon with reliable and beneficial knowledge in dealing with varying surfaces and jobs.


Featured Technology

Computerized Cleaning with High Pressure Waterjetting Automation

Terydon offers programmable robotic solutions via wireless touch-screen tablets in order to clean applications with high pressure water. In situations where maintenance needs to be provided within the scope of a cleaning project, Terydon’s solutions remove the end-user from hazardous working environments and achieve predictable and repeatable cleans—resulting in the increase of efficiency.

Terry Gromes