Temple Allen Industries

Temple Allen Industries (Rockville, MD) designs and manufactures 100% pneumatic sanding equipment for the military and commercial markets. EMMA™ and SAM™ deliver a variety of surface preparation tools that absorb vibration, improve dust collection, and apply the proper force to eliminate ergonomic and health risks while improving quality and consistency.


Featured Technology

Non-Skid Removal Treatment

SAM™ Scaling Tool

The Temple Allen SAM (Standup Abrading Machine) Deck Scaler takes the already-proven Aurand MP6, mounts it on an ergonomic and vibration-dampening control handle to enable maintainers to confidently wield the tool while standing comfortably, and adds an integrated dust collection system and carry handle.

SAM™ Dual Rotary Grinder Tool

The Dual Rotary SAM features two right-angle tools driving 6-7” pads that contact the surface at a slight angle. This multi-purpose system is able to operate at both ends of the spectrum – it can perform consistent aggressive sanding and grinding as well as rapid cleaning and polishing operations.

SAM™ Dual 6” with DCC Tool

The SAM Dual 6” with Differential Contact Control™ features two 6” Random Orbital Sanders configured to offer either standard sanding or our patent-pending Differential Contact sanding mode. A trigger on the control handle allows the artisan to get the job done quickly and then to switch modes on the fly, allowing for less aggressive feathering around edges and other lighter work.

SAM™ Random Orbital – 5″ Tool

This Temple Allen SAM (Standup Abrading Machine) is configured with a Random Orbital – 5″ pad as an alternative for those applications requiring moderately-aggressive scuffing, sanding and removal of paint. While not as aggressive as its DCC-capable counterpart, this SAM is an ideal tool for moderate levels of surface preparation.

The true benefit of this technology is in its ergonomic application of our vibration-reducing technology. This tool is designed to best position the artisan and the sander(s) for a given application.

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