TDA Research, Inc.

TDA Research, Inc. was founded in 1987 and is located in Wheat Ridge and Golden, CO. TDA’s staff of 110+ develops catalysts and sorbents, personal protective equipment, and advanced materials and components. Our development work is primarily supported by government R&D contracts. With a research staff larger than some fortune 500 R&D departments, we have a highly capable team to perform rigorous scientific research. Our organization is designed to efficiently operate in compliance with government contract requirements. Our scientifically diverse technical staff (about one-third with PhDs) creates advanced materials, chemical processes and aerospace and military hardware to solve our customer’s challenges.

TDA Cooling Shirt

Many people work in hot environments while having to wear heavy personal protective equipment (PPE). Combining metabolic heat generated form hard work with the hot environment, workers wearing PPE are often exposed to dangerous levels of heat. The common problem with all clothing, especially protective equipment worn by workers, is that air flow is restricted, and this interferes with the evaporative cooling effects of sweating. TDA Research Inc. has therefore developed a cooling shirt that is worn under a worker’s personal protective equipment (PPE) that will keep workers cool and comfortable, while protecting them against heat related illness. TDA’s cooling shirt works by increasing the efficiency of sweat evaporation, the body’s natural and self-regulating cooling system. Our cooling shirt is designed to be worn under the welding PPE jacket. Importantly, it is light weight, its only consumable is a small battery, and the cooling shirt doesn’t restrict the wearer’s mobility. TDA has recently signed a cooperative research and development agreement (CRADA) with the Navy to supply cooling shirts for testing.

Problem Statement:

  • Shipyard welders and other workers often work in very hot environments and wear heavy personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • The combination of a hot environment and heavy PPE can lead to heat related illness (such as heat exhaustion or heat stroke)
  • This forces shipyard welders and other workers to take frequent breaks to maintain safety, reducing productivity and increasing costs

Technology Solution Statement:

  • TDA’s cooling shirt employs patent protected (US 9,635,889) technology to significantly increase the sweat evaporation efficiency
  • Sweat evaporation is more efficient per pound at cooling than phase change materials (including ice)
  • The only consumable is a small battery that lasts >2 hours, and can quickly be swapped for a fully charged one to provide constant cooling over longer shifts
  • The shirt is lightweight, comfortable, durable, machine washable, and causes no reduction in wearer mobility

Benefits Statement:

  • TDA’s cooling shirt has been shown to reduce core body temperature by >2°F (a huge amount) in a 90-minute test on a sweating manikin in an environmental chamber at NIOSH
  • TDA’s cooling shirt is light weight, durable, self-regulating, and doesn’t restrict mobility
  • It’s powered by a small battery that lasts 2 hours and can easily be hot swapped


Girish Srinivas, PhD, MBA