Synergy Software Design

Synergy Software Design is a leader in fully integrated solutions for web based 3D virtual environments. We provide software applications, laser scanning, and 3D modeling services. We have been writing enterprise level products for the US Department of Defense as well as the healthcare and non-profit industries since 2004, pushing the boundaries of what these industries expect from data driven web applications.

Featured Technology

SYVE 5D Collaboration

SYVE 5D Collaboration is a tool for connecting teams across domains to visually describe problems and solutions with an intuitive interface. Uses for this technology include Warfighter mission planning, humanitarian project efforts, and fire/emergency rescue scenarios to name a few. The platform uses 3D graphics, locations, and data to create confidence in situational awareness. Decision makers can quickly collaborate on emerging scenarios. Collaboration results can be published as a 3D presentation . Designed to be implemented in DOD constrained environments, SYVE 5D Collaboration is accessible on any device with a modern web browser. The system is designed to scale via cloud infrastructure and is currently on Microsoft Azure.

Tom Cowan