SurClean Inc.

SurClean manufactures laser coating removal and surface preparation systems that are very precise, energy efficient, cost effective, safe and environmentally friendly. Laser coating removal competes with current methods of chemical, abrasive and water blasting methods. These methods generate hazardous waste, require personal protective apparatus and are not compatible with composites, fiberglass, alloys and other materials used in manufacturing of high dollar assets today.

The world of laser technology is changing daily. The laser source manufacturers are increasing power while lowering the cost, reducing the footprint and increasing the number of possible applications making laser a cost- effective purchase and a safe method to address maintenance issues on new materials in addition to maintaining existing assets that have corrosion issues. SurClean Laser Beam Delivery Systems are either patented, patent pending or proprietary designs manufactured in the USA. We integrate these systems with off-the-shelf laser sources and other ancillary equipment required to form a complete machine tool. SurClean provides contract services, mobile systems totally self-contained for field use, stand alone installed fab shop systems or inline automated robotic cells.

Featured Technology

Laser Ablation Processing

Laser Ablation replaces conventional means to remove corrosion, paint, dirt and other materials from surfaces. Chemicals, Blasting and Manual methods take time, are expensive and generate tons of hazardous waste. Laser Ablation impacts these areas and over the life of the equipment will generate cost savings.

Automating Hull Maintenace

Robots, Lasers, Sensors and Smart Electronics are tools available today that increase quality, produce consistent results and over time, decrease overall operational costs. Industry OEM’s are working together to provide an advanced solution for the Navy and other DoD entities. Our approach is what we do every day in other markets. Evaluate the process, determine the best solution and who are the suppliers that will deliver.

Susan Sprentall