Structural Composites, Inc.

Structural Composites, Inc. (SC) is a division of The Composites Company (TCC), one of the nation’s leading composites technology development firms. Located in Melbourne, Florida, TCC has three divisions: Structural Composites Inc., Compsys Inc. and Composites Intellectual Holdings Inc. Structural Composites. was founded in 1987 and has developed a proven track record of innovation and service in the composites industry. Over the years we have expanded our industry and technology base to include customers in the marine, aerospace, theme park, defense, and both road and rail transportation industries.

SC core services include manufacturing, design, analysis engineering, testing, research and development including manufacturing research. Since 2015 we have been transitioning Navy SBIR technology into the cost sensitive transportation market with our technology partner Wabash National (North America’s largest semi trailer producer). The large market pull from Wabash allowed for deep supply chain investment in the SBIR advancements taking them to commercial deployment. In a process we call technology stair-stepping we were able to circle back and deliver the developed commercial technology to the Navy under the Rapid Innovation Fund.


Together with Wabash, Trinity Rail and Lockheed Martin we have developed significant SBIR Phase III ip that we would like to investigate for application for Naval Submarine use. These include CoCure Metal Hybrid Composites, CoCure Syntactics and CoCure Prisma Preform Syntactics for submergence, CoCure advanced Coatings, CoCure casting and resins and CoCure adhesives. In addition to SBIR, SC has been and is currently active with Navy Mantech Composites since 1993.

Featured Technology

Cost Effective CoCure Advanced Coatings, Resins, Metal Hybrid Composites

CoCure is a breakthrough technology in coatings, resins, syntactics and adhesives that has potential across a broad range of the composites and traditional material markets. This SBIR Phase III technology combines low-cost polyester/vinylester resin technology with moderate-cost polyurethane elastomer technology. This is the first known commercially available strain tunable resin as the resin/coating proprieties can be dramatically altered real time based on the blend ratio of the urethane elastomer with the base resin.
In collaboration with Wabash National it was discovered that the CoCure coating, which was initially developed for Navy Combatant Craft Division, had an affinity to bond to metallic materials. Following this discovery, Structural Composites, in cooperation with Interplastic Corporation, modified the CoCure coating technology to create another formula that is primarily used for adhesion. The adhesion properties of the elastomer provide the toughness and higher modulus of the polyester-based system to create a highly effective and cost-effective adhesive. The high modulus CoCure adhesive allows stress to be more efficiently transferred between the composite material and the metal. The urethane material allows for the high elongation and provides the toughness to enable for deformations and load transfers of the metal hybrid material.
The patent pending technology allows metallics to be laminated with composites reversing the traditional bonding to metal process. This allows thinner metal sections to be formed to more complex shapes and have the structure developed with composite laminate and framing. This is deployed on semi-trailer floors that have to withstand the harsh loads of forklift traffic.

Scott Lewit