StoneAge Inc / Terydon

StoneAge is an engineering and manufacturing center for high pressure waterblast tools used for industrial cleaning. Our primary focus is to introduce fully automated tooling to remove operators from the dangers of high-pressure water. StoneAge recently acquired Terydon who specializes in heat exchangers and condensers.

Automated Condenser Heat Exchanger Cleaners

High pressure water jet cleaning is a tough process that comes with inherent risk and discomfort for operators when performed manually. Operators are exposed to confined spaces, extremely small work areas, hand fed lances at high pressure, and they often require a second operator to control the actuation of the incoming water. StoneAge and Terydon offer two systems that provide fully automated condenser cleaning while being operated remotely. The StoneAge system uses a mounting plate to the condenser with a radial arm while the Terydon system uses a drum and remote positioner.

Both StoneAge and Terydon have produced highly customized systems to fit the exact needs of Naval ship condenser cleaning. Each system has been reduced in size, customized to attach to specific nuclear and non-nuclear applications, utilize the least amount of water, and are simple to operate.

Problem Statement:

  • Manual high-pressure lancing is dangerous.
  • Confined space work is dangerous
  • Manual cleaning is inconsistent and low quality

Technology Solution Statement:

Advancements in fully automated cleaning systems are revolutionizing the cleaning process for condensers and heat exchangers. Cleaning quality is increased while keeping operators at a safe and comfortable distance.

Benefits Statement:

  • Fully automated systems are completely safe
  • Operating times are reduced by 80%
  • Operator fatigue is minimized
  • Water usage is reduced
  • Data can be reviewed post job for continual improvements


Roy Rapoza