Solavitek immediate objective with Navy is to have AMUET 4.0 digital capabilities on the RADAR as a best-in-class technologies in their roadmap to shipyard modernization. We have a technological roadmap that is ready to be deployed across government and private shipyards, as well as supply chain, to support all electrical installations aboard ships.

Solavitek is the exclusive AMUET technology provider to support the defense sector within NATO under a licence from Ziota Technology, holder of the portfolio of enabling technologies. We have been leading DoD ‘’digital electrical’’ manufacturing and sustainment innovation since 2012 with DOD funding working on aircraft maintenance and NSRP NAVY programs working on naval shipyards processes.

From DoD standpoint, AMUET has been demonstrated with AUSTAL USA to accelerate the manufacturing and testing of electrical harnesses, with digital data transformation, automated test programs and assisted reality programs. AMUET has also obtained cyber IATT approvals to be used on aircraft in real environment.

From a commercial standpoint, AMUET equivalent UNATE tooling is being used by OEM and airline to build, modernize and maintain large fleet of commercial aircraft and helicopters.

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Featured Technology

AMUET 4.0 Digital tooling platform

AMUET = Advanced Mobile Universal Electrical Tooling.

AMUET is a digital 4.0 tooling suite to support and execute all of the manufacturing and maintenance activities associated with electrical installations (electrical harnesses, electrical cabinets and integrated sub-systems) for any and all NAVY ships.

Very much like additive manufacturing uses data to build mechanical parts, AMUET uses data to build electrical harnesses and cabinets. It will use CAD production/engineering data, or reverse engineering existing parts by scanning them, to create paperless drawings and programs that are required to build them. This information is then converted into work packages that are transferred via secured network (local/IOT) to automated tools used by technicians in their manufacturing environment, shop level or on the ship itself. Technicians will execute their work using a suite of portable automated tooling to build, install, validate quality control and maintain electrical sub-systems. This suite of tools includes a tablet, electrical testers, AR/VR glasses, crimpers, cutters and all accessories needed to execute their work in-site, fitted in a 45lbs carry-on pelican case. AMUET tracks technicians work progress in real-time with bidirectional communications between technicians and production/engineering. Each of the manufacturing and maintenance activities are stored in a central database with shop/ship level traceability. These activities and data are used to accelerate ship production, improve quality control and support proactive and preventive maintenance program.

Enabling technologies include (11 US patents): automation, digital data programming, distributed testers (wireless or wired), AR/VR, IOT tools, cloud computing, big data analytics and historical trending.

Alain Lussier