RSAE Labs Inc., a U.S. veteran-owned small business headquartered in Panama City, Florida, is the industry-leading solution provider for global asset tracking, monitoring and security for commercial shippers and U.S. government agencies. RSAE Labs’ devices are currently deployed globally in a variety of markets including dry and refrigerated containers, fleet management, and high-value assets.

Featured Technology

Asset Tracking and Wireless Mesh Technology

RSAE Labs’ Services are comprised of sophisticated asset tags with a multitude of sensor and communications options. Many have secure, redundant, two-way global communications that automatically uses the least-cost option available (internet connected gateway, Wi-Fi, cellular or a choice of satellite constellations). With as many as 2,000 customer-specific geozones encrypted on the devices, supporting tens of thousands of custom business rules, RSAE Labs’ ‘smarter’ devices minimize unproductive reporting to provide the lowest possible life-cycle cost.

Ira Lehrman