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Ricardo Defense’s software solutions are improving sustainment operations and enabling end-to-end secure migration of mission-critical data. By providing advanced technical services, software solutions, and hands-on field service support, Ricardo Defense is committed to ensuring our nation’s military is ready for whatever challenge it may face.


Antilock Braking Systems/Wireless Communications

Ricardo Defense is highlighting two technology solutions for this Technology Showcase:

  • Advanced Braking and Stability Control Systems to Improve Performance Reliability and Reduce Maintenance (referred to below as “ABS/ECS”)
  • Wireless Communications for Improved Operations and Maintenance (referred to below as “Wireless Comms”)

Problem Statement:

ABS/ECS: As the mission set for the HMMWV has evolved, the weight of the HMMWV has increased, thus causing safety concerns for the soldiers operating the equipment and readiness issues for the units.

Wireless Comms: Wireless technology comes with challenges, especially when implementing it across a family of military vehicles.

Technology Solution Statement:

ABS/ECS: In a collaboration between RDI and the Red River Army Depot, the project team developed processes to address retrofitting several HMMWV variants at the depot level using a standard retrofit kit that improves braking and stability control. The Army will utilize the lessons learned from this initiative to make informed decisions on how to apply the processes and tools at other government facilities and maintenance depots.

Wireless Comms: To provide a wireless solution to the government, RDI applied its expertise in platform integration, systems engineering, requirements modeling, and more. The solution incorporates a phased approach, beginning with system acquisition and system configuration in a lab environment and then expanding to field training exercises and evaluations, culminating in strategic acquisition, fielding, and sustainment planning.

Benefits Statement:

ABS/ECS: Applying the retrofit kit across multiple vehicle fleets will increase reliability, ensure higher system availability, and significantly decrease fleet lifecycle costs. Performance improvements are achieved, along with extended life of components and lower repair frequency and cost.

Wireless Comms: By leveraging model-based systems and engineering, integration costs can be reduced, and the delivery time of products and services can be improved. The benefits of a common solution include lower commodity costs, higher-quality goods, and improved cybersecurity.


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