The costs associated with having a laser scanning provider scan patters and provide cloud or polygonal mesh data is expensive. With software and a laser scanner we can create our own cloud data at no cost other than our own labor and the initial capital expenditure. It is easy to use and is integrated with all CAD software and allows collection and processing of 3D cloud data into a manageable size that can easily be manipulated. You can also take point probe data directly into the CAD software. is the only company that takes point data directly into the CAD software to process the cloud data into polygonal mesh data and export as an STL file. software has less steps from art to part.

Historic patterns, new inventions, prototypes, all for which no patterns or detailed engineering data exists, can use’s technology to recreate 3D digital cloud and point data and seamlessly translate into full parametric 3D models.

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Accelerate 3D Digitizing and Measuring

Seamless Hard Probe and Laser scanning directly into Solidworks, PTC CREO, Inventor SolidEDGE and Siemens NX

Christiann Moore