RE2, Inc.

RE2 Robotics is a Carnegie Mellon spin-off specializing on developing intelligent mobile manipulation system and related technology. Our talented team of over 70 robotics experts designs manipulator arm products, conducts cutting-edge research, and fabricates robot parts in our Pittsburgh facility. Together, we develop the next generation of intelligent mobile robotics manipulator arm technologies that enable robots and their operators to better interact with the world — whether on the ground, in the air, or underwater.

RE2 Robotics was founded in 2001 by Carnegie Mellon University graduate, Jorgen Pedersen, with the goal of developing cutting-edge robotic technologies that improve people’s lives. The Company is committed to building up the high-tech robotics industry and manufacturing base in Western Pennsylvania. Our engineering team has expertise in all disciplines of robotics – from software development to electromechanical design. Our team is dedicated to solving our customers’ most difficult robotics engineering problems while forging long-lasting relationships to meet their current and future technical challenges.
RE2 Robotics has delivered over 650 robotic arms to the Department of Defense and DoD Prime Contractors, and is performing ongoing research and development for the Office of Naval Research, as well as for the Air Force Civil Engineering Center and the U.S. Army Telemedicine and Advanced Technical Research Center, as well as for a number of commercial customers.

RE2 Robotics’ mission is to develop high-quality innovative mobile manipulator systems that keep humans out of harm’s way and to perform tasks where humans are unable to go.

Featured Technology

Autonomous Robotic Manipulation System for NDI

RE2’s manipulation systems integrate high degree-of-freedom robotic arms with autonomy, and sensing hardware and software that make them ideal to perform Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection (NDT and NDI) of the interior surfaces of U.S. Navy ship and submarine components. RE2’s current work on two contracts demonstrates its ability to handle complex parts.

RE2 Robotics and its research partners has developed a novel technology for autonomous Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI) of composites with complex geometries used by shipyards in constructing U.S. Navy ships and submarines. The system can utilize a variety of sensors, such as ultrasonic or terahertz sensors, that are integrated with an autonomous manipulator arm that provides sensor automation and navigation to perform rapid and precise NDI of composite components with complex geometries or in hard-to-access areas of a vessel. One version of this system utilizes an ultrasonic sensor system from Verifi that has been shown to provide levels of precision and fidelity that are 5 to 10 times greater than is available from typical portable Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) ultrasound NDI solutions.

This technology leverages RE2’s experience in developing a high degree-of-freedom manipulator system that can safely handle aviation components with complex geometries. It also builds upon RE2’s success in developing for the Office of Naval Research, the Marinized Dexterous Manipulation System (MDMS), which has been successfully tested in the Pacific Ocean to depths of 100 feet. This technology will provide Navy personnel with the ability to autonomously perform mine countermeasure (MCM) missions.

Jonathan Brown