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SIM-Teq is a portable wireless training network of simulated dosimeters, survey meters, probes, and both radiation and contamination sources. The system allows the instructor to combine simulated instrument auto-response with manual, remote control capability. Trainers can create a training environment which includes high fidelity simulated instruments and “live” detectable sources to instill the experience, self-assurance and real understanding they want trainees to achieve – safely. The instructor is free to teach, observe and assess the trainee, with the ability to remotely manage or control any SIM-Teq device at any time. The system includes many options to train responders using radiation detection instruments. In the simplest training scenario, a powered “live” source can be deployed and a trainee handed a training instrument to locate a boundary line, complete a survey or locate the source. A classroom of trainees can each experience the features and functions of their instrument, all controlled by a single instructor. Response teams participating at a multi-organizational drill can all safely experience an interactive large-scale radiological event, where one or more Exercise Controllers can easily observe and manage the hazardous environment. The system is designed to meet the variety of training organization needs to provide frequent, realistic training so Responders gain the skills necessary to successfully coordinate together in an actual incident. From learning the basic principles of radiation and operation of instruments, to working in complex radiological scenarios, SIM-Teq provides the flexibility to suit the needs of radiation training programs and achieve the desired results.


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