ProTEQ Solutions

ProTEQ Solutions is a Manufactures Representative that offers the best vendors in the Test and Measurement world. In 2006 a group of salesmen working for Northeast Marketing Associates accomplished a buyout of the company and renamed the company to ProTEQ Solutions. Northeast Marketing Associates had been in existence since 1994 representing the same core group of Principals and serving all of New England for all of that time. The original founders of ProTEQ Solutions were; Chuck Freihofer, Gary Holbrook, Earl Almy and Jim Bateman. They were immediately successful at transferring all of the contracts with the Principals of Northeast Marketing over to ProTEQ and have been proudly representing the same core group of Principals since.

Today the company has expanded to include coverage in Maryland, DC and Virginia. ProTEQ has also grown the business by leveraging their success with the original Principals to attract even more of the top manufacturer’s to hire ProTEQ as their exclusive sales channel.

The business philosophies, work ethic, professionalism and dedication to successfully represent every Principal under contract with ProTEQ are what make the company the premier manufacturer’s representatives in the territory.

Featured Technology

Electronic Test Solutions

  • Teledyne Lecroy – Protocol Analyzers -Oscilloscopes
  • Transcat – Keysight – Fluke – Tektronix – Rohde Schwarz
  • Sifos – Automated PoE & Ethernet PHY
  • Avionics Interface Technologies- Avionics Test & Simulation- MIL-STD-1553, ARINC 429, ARINC 664, Fiber Channel

Power Supplies

  • Versatile Power – DC Programmable Power – 600W and 1500W – Custom OEM Power Supplies
  • Elektro – Automatik – AC Power Systems – DC Programable Electronic Loads – High Efficiency
  • Marway – AC Power Conditioning – EMI/RFI Filters – Surge Protection

RF & Microwave Test Products

  • Noisecom – Noise sources -White Noise Diodes
  • Boonton – RF/Microwave Power Meters
  • Holzworth- Phase Noise Test- Signal GeneratorsSynthesizers- Low Noise Amplifiers
  • Hiller Measurements– RF & Microwave Sub Systems- Fixture Design and Manufacturing Test Stands
  • Response Microwave – High Performance Cables – Microwave Components
  • CRFS – Direction Finding & Geolocation – Threat Detection – RF Counter Surveillance – Interference Hunting
  • Transcat – Keysight – Fluke – Tektronix – Rohde Schwarz

Time and Frequency Instrumentation

  • Pendulum  Instruments- Frequency Counter/Analyzers- Frequency References – Frequency Distribution – GNSS Simulators
  • Precise Time & Frequency- GPS/GNS Frequency & Time Receivers – Distribution Amplifiers – NTP – Network Time Servers- Auto Switches- Rubidium Standards

Optical Testing

  • Coherent Solutions – PXI Based -OSA-Tunable Laser-Variable Attenuation-Switching-Power Meters – Optical Modulation Analyzer System

Environmental Test

  • Weiss – Reach- In – Walk In- Drive In Chambers
  • Altitude – Thermal Shock- Environmental Stress Chambers

Ametek Compliance Test Solutions

  • Broad Range of Modular Emissions and Immunity Testers, RF Amplifiers – 10 kHz to 40 GHz, up to 1100 Watts,  Generators – Burst Signals, Ring Wave, Sine Wave & Surge, Simulators – ESD, Mains Dips & Drops, Automotive Disturbances, Probes – Current Injection, Current Sensing, Near Field, Antennas – EMC/RF, CISPR/IEC/EN, FCC & MIL STD testing, Chambers – Reverberation Chambers, GTEM/TEM Cells, Components – Pre-Amplifiers, Attenuators, Directional Couplers, ª Software – RF Immunity & Emissions; EMI / EMC Compliance

EMC Scanners

  • Detectus – Patented Robotic Scanners – Near Field Probes & Probe kits

EMI/EMC Chambers

  • Raymond EMC – Shielded Enclosures – Anechoic Chambers

EMI/EMC Systems

  • Toyo Corporation – Design and build complete custom systems for EMC/EMI test and measurement

Vibration Tables

  • ETS Solutions –Shaker & Vibrations Tables -Slip Tables & Fixtures

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