ProModel Corporation

ProModel Has Been Providing Simulation-Based Predictive Analytic Solutions and Services For Over 30 Years.

Our solutions provide you the ability to improve operations, reduce costs, mitigate risk and see the future possibilities and challenges so your enterprise can do more with less.

Whether you are strategically planning your corporate portfolio, designing a new facility, optimizing a supply-chain, or implementing Lean/ Six Sigma, ProModel’s predictive and prescriptive solutions will help you make “Better Decisions – Faster.”

At the core of every ProModel solution is an appropriate simulation-based, predictive analytic, software application or platform. All of our technologies are developed and maintained in-house and are designed to help you visualize, analyze, and optimize processes, portfolios, projects and performance.

While technology is the heart of our solutions, ProModel is also a full-service organization providing dedicated, qualified, experienced people to ensure your success. Our value-added services complement our products, enabling clients to fine tune or customize their solution to just the right degree. These services can provide benefit at any time before, during, and after you have implemented our solution.

Featured Technology

Shipyard AI

Shipyard AI is a multi-user, “web” enabled application (limited by roles and rights) that uses an optimization-based automated capacity planner to create and publish laydown maps and a schedule indicating where items are to be located over time.

It provides shipyards with unrivaled flexibility and planning capability, enabling management and key stakeholders to visualize multiple production scenarios, analyze potential results and optimize decision making.

Web-enabled shipyard productivity platform:

  • Single unified production “source of truth”
  • Automated capacity planning
  • Foot printing
  • Rule / constraint-based scheduling
  • Mobile access to data
  • Detailed history tracking
  • Analytic visualizations / reports

Steve Haekler