Pentek, Inc.

Pentek, Inc. is the industry leader in manufacturing, engineering and designing specialty surface decontamination technologies and processes for commercial, industrial and nuclear applications. We offer turnkey solutions for simple or complex decontamination projects with our technology being used by contractors, government agencies, and utilities around the world.

Pentek started during the aftermath of the 1979 accident at the Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant when the industry realized there was a lack of nuclear-grade decontamination technologies that could be effectively applied during the recovery effort. As a result, Pentek designed and engineered what has become a complete line of innovative surface decontamination and waste packaging technologies. Since 1981, our products have successfully been used for critical work scopes within the nuclear weapons industry, commercial nuclear utility industry, and at various DOD/DOE sites where strict environmental controls are a prerequisite.

Featured Technology

Pentek’s Dustless Coatings Removal Tools

Pentek’s Corner-Cutter® is a pneumatically operated needle scaler. Specially hardened needles operate within an evacuated stainless steel enclosure to prevent dust, debris and airborne contamination from being released into the workplace environment. The Corner-Cutter® is a mature design, commercially available for 30+ years and is extremely well-suited for a shipyard environment. Its capabilities include removing radioactivity, lead paint, rust, corrosion, and epoxy coatings. When used with a Pentek vacuum, the Corner-Cutter mitigates the need for the respiratory protection of the operator from airborne radiological and toxic particulates. It is light-weight and low reaction force, which helps to reduce operator fatigue. The shrouds permit the tool to conform to inside corners, outside corners and flat surfaces.

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