Pacific Engineering, Inc.

Pacific Engineering, Incorporated, (PEI), recipient of the 2014 Tibbets Award as one of the best in Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and NAVSEA 2014 Systems Engineering Award. PEI is an active member of Navy Submarine league. We are part of the Navy Industrial base because of our innovative technology for the fleet that focus on reducing sustainment costs. PEI also invests, annually, capital funds into our state-of-the-art facility in Lincoln NE. which ensures our place as part of the Navy’s Industrial Base. PEI managers attend and meet with senior Navy leadership at forums that address the Navy the Nation Needs to ensure we are aligned with the NDS. PEI has hosted visits to our facility by senior Navy leaders, program managers. PEI is currently developing 1) Adaptable Universal Composite Canister for Virginia Payload Module (AUCC) 2) Composite Propulsion System Components for Naval Surface Combatants; 3) Composite Mk-41 VLS Missile Hatch. PEI composite missile hatch prototype was successfully tested at the NSWC PHD South West Engineering Test Facility on 31 July 2019. For MARCOM/PEO-Land Systems: we are developing composite torsion bars for amphibious vehicles (provides reduces maintenance and significantly reduces Total Ownership Costs). We are also develop light weight composite parts for the Ground Based Air Defense system that is being used for Counter Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (drones). Many NAVSEA programs would benefit from PEI composite materials technologies. These technologies are applicable to torpedoes, countermeasures and submarine payloads, unmanned undersea and surface vehicles, launch and recovery systems.

Featured Technology

Composite Technology for Naval Systems

Pacific Engineering, Incorporated, (PEI) develops products which are manufactured by PEI’s experienced staff and variety of composite fabrication processes, including filament winding, resin infusion (RTM, VARTM, H-VARTM), hand lay-up, and compression molding.

NAVSEA programs would benefit and lower sustainment costs from using PEI composite materials technology underwater, vehicle, hatches, propulsion, top side launchers, canisters and sonar hull structural. These technologies are applicable to UUV, UAV’S, USV’S and next generation torpedoes, countermeasures and submarine payloads, and unmanned vehicles both subsea and surface. The PEI staff includes retired NAVSEA personnel, Osie V. Combs Jr, RDML (Ret.) and Pete Perry, Major Program Manager (Ret.)) who have expert experience in defining the need and then planning and providing service to the fleet. PEI can leverage our fleet experience, coupled with our fielded canisters/RSG’s success in the fleet, in developing additional light weight, composite products for transition and commercialization that to fit into POR. PEI engineers hold patents on composite pressure vessel designs. PEI has also developed fire resistance, low smoke and toxicity marine resin systems.

PEI also invests, annually, capital funds into our 35,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility in Lincoln NE. which houses our filament winders, Multi-Axis 3-spindle Filament Winding Machine with Siemens Control System, a large Multi-Axis Filament Winding Machine capable of parts up to 60-ft long, base multi-fiber winding pattern, and Megaject MkV Injection System performing programmed infusion of composite “sandwich” panel.

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