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HeatX: Advanced Surface Treatments for Surface Protection and Efficiency

HeatX is a novel “Omniphobic” (water- and oil-repellent) nanocomposite surface treatment applicable to heat transfer surfaces at risk of biofouling and corrosion. It is a water-based, non-toxic material that has been demonstrated to significantly reduce micro- and macro-fouling, improve exchanger and condenser performance, and significantly reduce maintenance costs. Oceanit provides turnkey solutions to its clients in both the power generation and oil and gas industries, which includes semi-automated cleaning, surface preparation, treatment application, and periodic inspection. In addition to HeatX, this booth will also show key advances in tools, gear, and equipment employed by personnel within the cleaning and inspection field. Examples of such technology include high efficiency personal cooling vests, specific treatment materials for topcoat protection of existing paints, and hearing protection solutions for abrasive grit blasting nozzles and diving helmets capable of reducing occupational noise levels by 15-20 dB.

Problem Statement:

Fouling is a significant concern that can significantly reduce cooling performance. Typical anti-fouling coatings cannot be easily applied to condenser tubes and are sufficiently insulating that they do not provide noticeable benefits.

Technology Solution Statement:

Through the use of a nanocomposite material that chemically repels bacteria and other biological organisms, HeatX greatly slows the onset of fouling growth. Its extremely low surface roughness also minimizes frictional losses within exchangers, increasing thermal heat transfer.

Benefits Statement:

  • HeatX is applied ultrathin ( < 2 mil), and is engineered to chemically reduce fouling deposition and improve fluid velocity.
  • HeatX is field tested in over a dozen facilities around the world for applications exceeding five years in-between cleanings.
  • HeatX is water-based and can be applied via Oceanit’s automated application tool.


Matthew Nakatsuka