NAG Marine

Since 1999, NAG Marine has built a core competency in providing electronics and automation control products for commercial marine and DoD applications. NAG hardware is deployed on more than 150 vessels for U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, Military Sealift Command, U.S. Army and commercial fleet operators.
This practical shipboard understanding has resulted in an excellent operational record of NAG products and savings to our customers. NAG’s COTS-modified products include:

• Computers, Displays, HMI devices, and Associated IT Equipment
• PLCs
• Digital Thermostats
• Electric Valve Actuators
• Tank-Level Indicators (TLI)

NAG maintains a staff of degreed engineers and OEM-trained electrical technicians for shipboard survey, design, and modifications. The company’s workforce is experienced at successfully interfacing with shipyards, planning-yard engineers, NAVSEA ISEAs, port engineers, chief engineers, and naval architects. NAG also has degreed staff dedicated to project planning, purchasing, logistics, security, and transportation.

The company’s commitment to quality work, efficient practices, and ethical business has resulted in a dedicated, highly skilled workforce, and steady contract growth including a $33.2M IDIQ contract for TLIs and a $4.3M IDIQ for smart thermostats with NSWC Philadelphia, a $1.8M IDIQ for ruggedized computers with NSWC Panama City and many more.

NAG is a small business with its corporate headquarters located in Norfolk, VA.

Featured Technology

Key Innovations Focused on Lifecycle and Obsolescence Management

NAG Marine’s experience in the US Navy MILSPEC electronics marketplace indicates that failure of rotating fans and storage media are the leading causes of overall system failure. Therefore, NAG specializes in providing fan-less, passively cooled solid state solutions designed to survive the wide range of temperatures, humidity, shock, and vibration inherent to military/shipboard applications. No moving parts equals fewer operational failures.

Also, when hardware fails, or needs technical refresh, complicated hardware with top-level assemblies as the LRU do not allow for ease of field repair or replacement; thus, increasing the cost of ownership and requiring significant person-hours to maintain. NAG’s products provide the Navy with modular designs, engineered for ease of LRU repair and upgrades without the need to replace entire systems.

Additionally, our line of Rugged Science computers are purpose-built around CPUs manufactured on Intel’s Embedded Roadmap. These specialized CPUs are manufactured to withstand higher temperature ranges and have guaranteed lifecycle support of 15 years.
Lastly, our products provide solutions which allow for the use of common components across a variety of applications, allowing for ease of handling configuration management, training, and troubleshooting.

• No Fans, No Rotating Media, No Airborne Noise
• Variety of CPU and I/O Options to Suit Many Applications with Common Components
• Ruggedized Wide-temperature Internal Computer and Display Components
• Low Size Weight and Power (SWaP) Profiles, Without Sacrificing Performance
NAG takes a “building block” approach to the design of our devices in an effort to ensure commonality, ease of upgrade, and ease of repair.

Joe Parziale