Mirion Technologies

Mirion Technologies is comprised of over 2500 talented professionals, passionate about delivering world class products, services, and solutions in the world of radiation detection, measurement and protection. In partnership with our customers in nuclear power plants, military and civil defense agencies, hospitals, universities, national labs, and other specialized industries we strive to deliver cutting edge products and services that constantly evolve based on the changing needs of our customers.


Featured Technology

Radiation Detection and Instrumentation

Mirion Technologies provides world class solutions and innovations:

• Radiation Measurement and Health Physics Instrumentation – Hand held instrumentation, radiation tolerant cameras and contamination and clearance monitors for health physics applications and worker safety.

• Search and Security Systems – Radiation detection and measurement instrumentation meeting the exact standards of military and homeland security stakeholders. These durable and highly sensitive devices are built for harsh battlefield environments, infrastructure protection, search and security applications.

• Occupational Dosimetry – Ongoing monitoring of radiation exposure from x-ray machines and other medical devices. With wireless monitoring, some of these products allow for real-time streaming of radiological data.

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