Midé Technology

Midé Technology Corporation develops, produces and markets high performance products for many industries; including the aerospace, marine, automotive and manufacturing sectors. Midé produces many innovative smart material products, such as piezoelectric sensors, vibration energy harvesters, and actuators (valves, fans, and haptic feedback), marine seals (Stern tube seals, and HydroActive bulk-head shafts seals), wearable sensors and actuators, endaq Slam Stick data loggers (vibration, pressure, temperature, orientation, etc), and structural health monitoring components. Our innovative people, systems approach, and customer focus provides us with the ability to conceptualize, design and deliver these high performance, intelligent products.

www.mide.com  |  www.endaq.com  |  www.piezo.com

Featured Technology

Endaq Slam Stick Data Loggers and Piezo Solutions

Midé has two active production elements of interest, endaq Slam Stick data loggers, (Inspection & trouble shooting, vibration structural health analysis, condition-based monitoring, physiological monitoring – www.endaq.com) Piezo Systems (broad usage from vibration transducers and energy harvesters to piezoelectric haptic feedback for simulation/training/vr/ar – www.piezo.com).

N. Jared Keegan