Midé Technology

Midé Technology Corp. is an engineering services and smart product research and development (R&D) firm located in Woburn, MA. Midé has a great deal of experience in the application of smart materials, sealing, valving, mechatronics, sensing, low power electronics and data logging systems. Apart from our offerings in R&D/engineering services, Midé’s product lines include enDAQ (formerly Slam Stick) which include small form factor sensors and data loggers; Piezo, supplying custom piezoelectric transducers, and Midé’s Bulkhead Shaft Seals (BSS) and Stern Tube Seals for naval vessels. Midé has performed many projects for the DOD with the U.S. Navy being our largest customer by far. Midé’s enDAQ and Piezo line of products are poised for transforming the way the services monitor, perform analysis, and display data for condition based maintenance programs across the DOD.

www.mide.com  |  www.endaq.com  |  www.piezo.com

Featured Technology

ENdaq Sensors and Marine Sealing Solutions

Convenient, adaptable, and reliable, enDAQ’s range of compact stand-alone shock, vibration and environmental sensors enable quick, easy, accurate, and cost-effective shock and vibration measurement and analysis in almost any environment. Product Release: All our sensors, including the recently released Wi-Fi enabled W-Series, can take advantage of the free enDAQ Cloud Platform.

Brett Gardner