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MELD is a low-cost and environmentally-friendly solid-state additive manufacturing and repair technology that does not require the utilization of delicate laboratory-grade equipment, such as vacuum chambers, laser and e-beam systems, or powder beds. Traditional additive manufacturing (AM) and related repair technologies require that the deposited or repaired materials be melted during application. Because of the melting of the metal material, substantial differences may exist within the deposited materials, leading to inconsistent mechanical properties along specific part sites and/or directions. In such cases, parts fabricated via these traditional melt-based technologies can exhibit inferior properties in comparison to conventionally manufactured components. The problems found within these components often stem from the melting and re-solidification and can include a brittle cast structure, hot cracking, and porosity, all of which can lead to a reduction in the overall mechanical performance.

MELD technology was developed to overcome the above-mentioned shortcomings of these more traditional melt-based metal AM and repair processes. Patent protected, and award-winning MELD systems and associated MELD technologies are truly disruptive innovations. MELD is now disrupting the AM industry and is becoming the system and technology of choice when metal 3D printing of large-size parts and structures are needed. MELD Manufacturing is woman-owned small business and offers MELD machines and services from our headquarters in Virginia. Off-the-shelf MELD machines offer up to 82 cubic feet of print space and the ability to process the widest variety of metals possible. These machines are robust, low-power, and deployable at the point of need.

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MELD is a large-scale, open atmosphere solid-state metal additive process.

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