Materials Technologies Corporation

MTC is a 30-year veteran of R&D and product innovation for the aviation and defense sectors. During the last two decades, the company has been a prime contractor on 52 SBIR Phase I, II and III from the Army, Navy, AF, DARPA, MDA, NASA and DoE, all aimed at innovating viable practical solutions to specific problems thereby enhancing US defense capabilities. Our collaborators include Sikorsky Aircraft, Bell Helicopter, Pratt & Whitney, IBM, Bauer Associates, Ga Tech, Penn State, RPI, Rutgers etc. These programs have led to the creation of several products including,

  • NUVU®, NUVU-IR®, mini-NUVU®, NUVU-Z and OVM Optical and Infrared Inspection Systems
  • WIN System for wire harness manufacture: With Boeing (Mesa, AZ)
  • DURACON® DURAble and CONductive Ultra-High Emissivity optical Black Coatings
  • Advanced Active Vibration Control (AVC) System for Helicopters: With Sikorsky/Lockheed
  • Active Crashworthy Seating (ACS) for Helicopters: With Bell Helicopter

Since 2015, our singular focus has been on employing these unique products and capabilities to develop customized practical ways to achieve process efficiencies and cost reduction. For DoD customers, our mission is to enhance readiness and facilitate sustainment.

In the inspection and automated wire insertion area, MTC has six patents; two additional patent applications are pending.

MTC is a Connecticut-based minority owned small disadvantaged business.

Featured Technology

WIN System…Dramatic Cost Reduction in Wire Harness Manufacture via Automation

If there is one thing plentiful in an aircraft or ship or a submarine, it is wiring….Everywhere…Miles and miles of it…. Out-of-sight, hidden behind the walls.

Alarming Fact…Labor in wire harness manufacture is the biggest labor cost element in entire aircraft assembly. Seriously? How so?

Because every wire still being inserted into plugs/connectors by hand…the 1960’s way! Slow and tedious…Each end of each wire takes average 2 to 3 minutes…That’s insane! Plus, ergonomically taxing on the wrists, hands, shoulders, and eyes…..No wonder this decades-old manufacturing process is fraught with 8-12% insertion errors. And, no wonder it is the highest labor cost element.

And….With increasing use of dense connectors and thinner wires, it’s only going to get worse. Are we ready? Its 2019, not 1960’s. WIN system to the rescue! Smart. Robust. And, Ergonomic!…Intended for production floor or field use:

  • Why read wire marking or connector pin-out manually? Let SmartWorks do it all….very fast and error-free. Get this… Insert each wire end in just 8-12 seconds…That’s right…Insertion time: Seconds, not minutes! Up to 90% faster.
  • Eliminate insertion error rates (<1%) with built-in diagnostics for instantaneous auto-check. Minimal need for continuity testing!!
  • Ergonomic design. Easy on wrists, hands, neck, shoulders….and Eyes!!!
  • Versatile. wire insertion on workbench or A-frame or in-situ inside aircraft, ships, or submarines.

This is the age of smart devices and Virtual/Augmented Reality. Shouldn’t our manufacturing processes keep pace…And be smart? Visit us to see why WIN System is THE answer to dramatically lower production costs.

NUVU Systems…A Whole New Way of In-Situ Non-Destructive Inspection for Field and Depot Applications

NUVU family of inspection devices include NUVU, mini-NUVU, NUVU-Z and OVM for optical imaging and enhanced visual inspection.

NUVU-IR system: Based on infrared thermography for sub-surface or occluded features. Collectively, these hand-held tools allow non-destructive inspection for diagnostics and prognostics:

  • Inspection modes: DirectViz (line of sight), OrthoViz (90-degrees), and CircumViz (360-degrees)
  • Unique Features:
    • PORTABLE ……. 7oz, 7” (NUVU)
      • Demonstrated Platforms:
        • 737, 747, MD11, and A320
        • F -15, F -16, B1B, B52, RAF Tornado
        • KC -135, P3, F -111, and UH60
  • Unique mini-NUVU and OVM Features: Articulated multi-angle vision with enhanced illumination
  • Especially suited for tight-access areas
  • Components: Complete 360-deg inspection – Structural and non-structural components: wiring/cable, hydraulic lines, fuel lines, piping, rods, tubes, beams, plates
  • Defect Features and anomalies: In-situ inspection for corrosion, cuts, chafes, cracks, hot flashes, pinholes, abrasion, metallic inclusions
  • Platforms: Aircraft, Ships, Submarines, and other air, marine, and space structures. Missiles and Satellites
  • Inspection Environment: Depot and field environments including ship and carrier decks
  • Enable automatic creation, updating, and “to-from” interrogation of database for life-predictive prognosis

User Accolades and Testimonials:
“Boss, we want it”
“Where were you just last month when we needed this?”
“Beats the hell out of mirror and flashlight”
“I am sold. We can find many uses for it”

Dr. Yogesh Mehrotra