LateraL AS

LateraL is a small, innovative engineering company from the south-west of Norway.
We design and manufacture tools for the subsea industry with a primary focus on the energy sector.


Featured Technology



The FlexiClean family of tools has been used all over the world since it’s launch almost ten years ago. Our patented cleaning tool efficiently clears marine debris without damaging the underlying surface. The family of tools includes electric and hydraulic versions sized for a range of underwater vehicles on for divers. The technology significantly reduces cleaning time and protects surface coatings.


*Cleaning operations are time consuming.
*Sensitive surfaces (anti-fouling paint, plastics, etc) are susceptible to mechanical damage during cleaning.
*Small underwater vehicles can’t efficiently clean submerged assets.


The FlexiClean technology reduces cleaning time by as much as 90%.
The ability to clean even soft plastics and advanced surface coatings without damage allows for unparalleled versatility.
A range of power supplies and battery options enables the smaller ROV’s to perform work that previously would require a much larger platform.


*Cost effective, time saving subsea cleaning.
*Proven technology does not damage sensitive surfaces.
*Designed to work with most underwater vehicles.

Matthew Castle