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Lancs manufactures products that reduce radiation exposure and contamination to protect the health and safety of workers in radiological environments; e.g., nuclear navy shipyards and maintenance facilities, nuclear power plants, nuclear laboratories, and nuclear decontamination, decommissioning, and remediation sites.

Founded in 1974, Lancs is a U.S. leader in the design and production of lead-free (tungsten, bismuth, iron) radiation protection blankets, floor tiles, pipe wraps, magnetic and custom radiation shielding. We are North America’s largest manufacturer of catch containments, glove bags, and tents to contain radiation contamination, and North America’s largest manufacturer of lead wool blankets, which are used in U.S. nuclear power plants today. We also provide expert advisory services in installing, using, and removing shielding and containments, including plant tours and customer training, to improve radiologic work practices.

Lancs’ products are used by every nuclear navy shipyard, federal nuclear laboratories and waste clean-up sites, and commercial nuclear power plants in the United States. We support the U.S. DOD’s Nuclear Navy at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Mechanicsburg Naval Inventory Control Point, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, Newport News Shipbuilding, and General Dynamics Electric Boat; and U.S. DOE nuclear remediation and laboratory sites that include Flour, CH2M Hill, Bechtel, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, Idaho National Labs (“NL”), Pacific Northwest NL, Sandia NL, Los Alamos NL, and Lawrence Livermore NL.

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