Klatt Works, Inc.

Klatt Works designs, develops and manufactures aviation electro-optical systems and head-worn hardware/software systems. We have extensive experience with head-worn augmented reality devices and other devices with sophisticated sensors, displays, automation, robotics, ruggedization, software, and product certification. Klatt Works has two major product lines, SAVED and MX Accelerator.


MX Accelerator

Klatt Works MX Accelerator Augmented Reality (AR) technology is an integrated software solution (Android App) that incorporates:

  • imported PDF files including existing or new documents/forms/procedures/schematics/etc.
  • how-to videos associated with specific items
  • remote assistance with real-time annotation
  • the ability to auto-generate reports with photographic evidence of as-performed work

MX Accelerator provides an easy-to-use interface that leverages COTs head-worn technologies, like the Realwear head-mounted tablet (HMT), which can be used in harsh conditions including rain and dust, very hot and cold temperatures, bright and dark environments, and fuel rich atmospheres. The Realwear HMT is in commercial/industrial use with MX Accelerator installed and is being used for hands-free MRO applications.

Problem Statement:

Sailors frequently do not have all needed maintenance documentation and task-specific knowledge available while working. A huge database of procedures are documented within the Navy and needs to be accessed without recreating all of the existing content, but can allow dynamic procedures and checklists to be easily created. Much of the task-specific knowledge may not be documented in formal technical orders and procedures.

Technology Solution Statement:

MX Accelerator allows USN personnel to leverage existing documents without modifying source documents. This allows proprietary data use without disclosing documents outside of the Navy. Use of existing documents avoids significant cost, time, and potential errors generated while creating/modifying models and transcribing instructions in 3D media. How-to videos generated at sea or in port by USN personnel allows knowledge sharing (in-context). Telepresence provides a Zoom-like capability aiding the completion of unclear tasks.

Benefits Statement:

MX Accelerator can support the USN as follows:

  • It improves aircraft and shipboard mission readiness rates
  • It assists in streamlining accuracy and durations of battle damage repairs
  • It improves documentation of repairs for certification activities
  • It improves real-time communication with home port of damage and repairs
  • It improves on-board situational awareness of repairs and completed battle damage actions, during all phases of BDA
  • It may reduce deployment of FSRs to ships at sea


Nate Klatt