IR Technologies

IR Technologies is a small business that tailors support to satisfy a unique range of problems, issues and risks that impact information systems over a wide span of global operations. IR Technologies is an information systems consulting company providing total lifecycle support from concept development, acquisition management, requirements management, software development and post deployment support for IT infrastructure and networks, Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERPS) and custom software systems. IR Technologies also supports clients deploying systems into enterprise and tactical communications environments and solving related performance issues.

Featured Technology

Mobile Applications for Expeditionary Environments

Field Expedient Applications (FEA) is an application suite that enables military and similar users to log and keep track of their day-to-day work and report, as well as a helper to perform calculations to support operations and submit requests. The calculators are simple in nature with a GUI designed for smartphones and tablets that users in the field operate to quickly address and manipulate complex sets of numbers and capture local activities. Apps do not have automatic network access but will share data with native phone apps that BYOD users can use when authorized to connect or via other approved devices. FEA uses only the camera and local file system.

Jason Hackerson