Inovati is a small business dedicated to developing the Kinetic Metallization (KM) technology and equipment as an additive spray deposition process for applying metallic, polymer, and composite coatings to a wide variety of materials at low temperatures. Our KM equipment has been used for the past 20+ years by our industrial and military customers to coat telecommunication equipment racks and repair high-value aerospace components. More recently, our KM-HDR model is being adapted to accommodate additive manufacturing capability where new parts can be fabricated or special features can be added to structural components.


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Kinetic Metallization — A Repair and Additive Technology


Kinetic Metallization is the only cold spray process which uses low pressure helium, nitrogen or gas mixtures (70-130psi) to accelerate particles to high deposition velocities using our patented sonic nozzle. This combination of low pressure and sonic gas speed significantly decreases gas consumption compared to conventional cold spray processes while still achieving high particle velocities. This means that Kinetic Metallization is the cheaper, safer choice over other cold spray technologies. Additionally, Inovati’s patented brush-sieve powder feeder design allows for the consistent, reliable feeding of a wide variety of powders. The Kinetic Metallization process can successfully deposit most materials, including high temperature materials like nickel alloys, tungsten carbide-cobalt, and refractory feedstocks. Recently, Inovati has released our KM-HDR model system with an upgraded KM-Gun that permits deposition of many materials using inexpensive nitrogen gas extracted from cryogenic liquid nitrogen storage vessels.


Sustainment and maintenance of aging military assets is an operational challenge for all branches of the Dept of Defense. Replacement of worn or damaged parts requires very long lead times if these parts are even available and frequently are very expensive when produced only in low volume production.


The Kinetic Metallization process and equipment provides a turnkey solution for low temperature deposition of coatings for wear, corrosion, and oxidation protection of many military components. The additive capability of this coating technology also permits 3-D printing of components with unique composite materials that enhance the properties of these parts over the original material design.


The NAVAIR Fleet Readiness Center Southwest has demonstrated a rapid return on investment for the Kinetic Metallization equipment installed at the Navy depot for repairing F/A-18 components since 2015. This same benefit can be realized throughout the military complex including NAVSEA for repairing aging or battle damaged ships and submarines.

Ralph Tapphorn