Impacto Protective Products Inc.

Impacto specializes in improving worker safety and comfort by providing ergonomically designed personal protective equipment to reduce impact, vibration and repetitive motion in any work environment.

Impacto strives to provide high-quality products which help to protect workers. A safe workforce helps reduce compensation claims while adding to overall employee wellness. Our stakeholders include safety groups, engineering staff, medical personnel, unions, management and most importantly frontline workers. By interacting with these groups, we are able to provide a solution that incorporates ergonomic work design, protective clothing and employee training. Impacto line of industrial products include the anti-vibration air glove, anti-impact gloves, wrist supports for prevention of repetitive strain injuries RSI, a wide range of knee pads, body pads and cushions, air belt lumbar supports, anti-fatigue and puncture resistant insoles, steel toe cap overshoes and ice traction overshoes. For more details visit our website or call us toll free 888.232.3031.

Featured Technology

Anti-Vibration Gloves

ANSI Certified Anti-Vibration Gloves for Shipyard Maintenance

Personal Protective Products

Impacto is a manufacturer and distributor of specialized personal ergonomic protection including gloves and wrist supports for protection from impact and vibration injuries. Other PPE include back supports, kneepads, body pads, insoles and ice traction overshoes.

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