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IBM Consulting is a new partner for the new rules of modern business. We embrace an open way of working by bringing a diverse set of voices and technologies together. We collaborate closely, ideate freely and swiftly apply breakthrough innovations that drive exponential impact to change how business gets done.

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Featured Technology

Industry 4.0


Industry 4.0 is characterized by increasing automation and the employment of exponential technologies (AI/AA/Edge/IoT) that create informed data to help to provide real time insights across the value chain. This drives significant improvement in the performance and maintenance of physical assets, as well as providing information transparency and better decisioning for operators of those assets.

These technology demonstrations include:
1. Autonomous Robotics – utilizing Boston Dynamics Spot robot leveraging safe, accurate, and frequently updated IBM-developed payloads, collecting previously-impossible amounts of data through edge sensor analytics to automate routine tasks, eliminate the expense of instrumenting legacy equipment, and provide wide range impact.
2. Quality analytics for welding – generates bottom line impact through the optimization of welding operations, utilizing AI solutions such as Computer Vision, Acoustic Insights and Parametric analysis to provide real-time and historical insights for faster problem diagnosis, resolution and long-term improvement.
3. Data-informed Digital Twin – better operational decision making through a virtual representation of an object or system that spans its lifecycle, updated from real-time data, and uses simulation, machine learning and reasoning to help decision-making.

IBM has entered a strategic GTM partnership with Siemens that includes the SGT business with the US Federal Agencies, bringing the best of Siemens operating domain technologies with the IBMs cutting edge IT domain capabilities. We will demonstrate all of the best technologies and services from both companies through innovative, high-impact end-to-end solution use-cases showcasing our joint agency clients how we will modernize operations.


To maintain business resiliency and continuity required in the New Normal, operations-intensive industries need to begin treating unanticipated disruptions to development, product management, supply chain, or other service activities. They have difficulty monitoring operational performance and health across siloed organizations:
– Difficulty empowering employees to make the best decisions efficiently and effectively, and automating tasks to enable highest value use of skilled labor time
– Succumbing to the time, error, expense, and risk inherent in manually rolling out many devices, assets, and processes across locations (“Pilot Purgatory”)
– Need to prevent costly recalls, an excess of scrap metal, down time on the shop floor and lengthy root cause analysis
– Need to mitigate and manage cyber-risks and concerns about the security and vulnerability of devices and sensors


Exploit the power of data and digital technologies to revolutionize operations:
• IBM Smart Edge for Welding (SE4W) aggregates different AI-based quality inspection offerings including parametric, acoustic, and visual insights into a unique solution that is capable of solving some of the most challenging pain points in any welding application, realizing a step change in quality performance
• IBM Digital Twin delivers the ability to visually model, simulate, test, and optimize assets, operations, and processes in 3 phases: Advisory Services; Design, Build Deploy Services; and Scale and Autonomize Services.
• IBM Robotics customized payloads for the Boston Dynamics Spot robot to collect more data than was possible before by bringing the sensors to the assets, eliminating the expense of instrumenting legacy equipment, and gathering data safely, accurately, and frequently.


Enjoy unprecedented, secure access to complex data to radically reinvent and simplify your processes.
• Reimagined Processes – Up to 40% reduction in process steps, up to 90% reduction in human touchpoints with higher automation
• Operational Cost Savings – Extract more value out of your existing investments in operational performance improvement and enable faster, sharper, and safer operational decisions while saving 65% operational cost.
• Reduced Risk – Increase safety by minimizing human involvement in dangerous or remote environments. Avoid costly compliance and regulation violations.
• Real-Time Quality, High-Speed Insights – Integrate information from sensors that capture 100% sample size, to make real time maintenance decisions and avert sudden breakdowns, and to enable real-time quality insights at scale using acoustic and visual analytics.

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