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Hexagon US Federal is an independent subsidiary of Hexagon Corp. focused on bringing a broad range of Hexagon technologies to the US government and its partners. Hexagon US Federal provides cutting-edge technologies and a wide range of professional services to enable our customers to make smarter and faster operational decisions and improve mission effectiveness. We support a broad range of US government customers across the federal civilian, defense, and intelligence communities delivering mission critical solutions.


Shipyard Digital Depot System Architecture and Methodology

The Digital Depot System Architecture provides advanced technology to the workforce for hyper-efficiency in public and private shipyards. The system will integrate cloud storage, 5G data transmission, and J5 data integration to create a digital data highway for Internet of Things (IoT). The system enables hyper-efficiency and speeds up repair processes through advanced technology.

Problem Statement:

Typically, technology solutions are introduced in one part of the organization to solve a specific issue or challenge, which is sub-optimal. Each of these solutions have individual benefits, but must be incorporated and implemented in a coherent enterprise strategy in order to realize their full benefits.

Technology Solution Statement:

The Shipyard Digital Depot System Architecture and Methodology solution provides both structure and methodology for transforming and enabling the digital shipyard. The architecture concept and governance approach for a shipyard digital platform enables smarter sustainment processes, business systems, and an IoT ecosystem. The end goal is to transfer technology to the shipyard workforce so that in 3-5 years, the workforce can achieve hyper-efficiency and reduce submarine repair time by 40 percent.

Benefits Statement:

  • Cloud Storage–Secured cloud provides storage for streaming of audio and video.
  • 5G–Technology transfers large volumes of data generated by multiple IOT devices.
  • J5 Data Integration–Integrates enormous volumes of data across different IOT vendor brands, software, and protocols.
  • IoT Products–Includes autonomous vehicles, augmented reality, start of shift manning, reliability maintenance, active shooter detection, and lidar perimeter security.


Keith Baba