At Guidehouse, our experts provide comprehensive advisory services focused on integrating advancements in technology and innovative solutions into an organization. We explore, deploy, and manage innovative systems and business process improvements that address requirements in infrastructure design and modernization, facility management, systems integration, energy management, enterprise risk management, IT strategy and cybersecurity and much more.

We believe that driving innovation is key to the long-term success and sustainability of every organization. Our experts clearly articulate strategy and objectives and develop advisory services and actionable steps to guide your agency. We work beside you from project initiation through fulfillment to ensure you deliver upon your mission. Guidehouse brings a team whose private and public sector technology expertise cannot be replicated. We have worked with countless government organizations, corporations and nonprofits; leveraging technology to optimize internal processes and supply chains, delivering energy grid solutions, facility management optimization, and empowering their employees with data-driven intelligence that create highly customer-centric products and services.

Guidehouse helps your organization set a strategic roadmap for transformation to thrive in an ever-advancing digital world. We believe in the beauty of collaboration and connectivity; evolving ecosystems across multiple platforms to strengthen the value chain; helping offset reduced budgets with new partnerships that amplify possibility; influencing positive outcomes; and inspiring and impacting change. With Guidehouse technology solutions, your mission becomes more achievable.

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Shipyard Operational Advisory Services

Guidehouse (formerly PricewaterhouseCoopers Public Sector) provides experts in developing solutions that assist Leadership and the workforce to envision future technological driven environments. Guidehouse establishes a common understanding of the need to implement and improve upon installation layout, business processes, and incorporate advances in technology that will prepare the shipyards for service well into the 21st century.

As it relates to the Navy’s shipyards, Guidehouse brings process improvements, technology implementations, enterprise risk management, cybersecurity, auditability, and shipyard of the future strategy and roadmapping. Guidehouse developed a baseline shipyard of the future roadmap and series of strategic communications products that illustrated the vision of the future shipyard and highlighted the potential of process improvements and efficiencies through emerging technologies. Successful program implementation is based on well-ordered coordination of key activities that will enable Navy leadership to implement justifiable and defendable projects.

John Koenig