Greysam Industrial Services

Greysam Industrial Services (GIS) is a Technical Support Company providing specialty services and products. Greysam is WBENC, WOSB and JCP (DLA DD2345) certified. GIS has been in operation for more than thirty years. Based in Port Orchard, Washington, the company operates nationwide. GIS services and products are provided in two related areas of operation. First, Instrumentation and Process Control, secondly, Automation and Robotics.


Featured Technology

Automation and Robotics


Instrumentation and Process Control is provided to industries that require precise measurement and monitoring control. This includes Instrumentation & Analyzer Technicians, Industrial Electrical, SCADA, and Safety Integrated Systems and related.
Automation & Robotics includes industrial robotics, marine and non-marine inspection robotics. Greysam is partnered with multiple robotic and add-on component manufacturers being trained, vetted and certified by each partner. Greysam provides full System Integration, sales, and service of components to provide the best robot system to your site. Automated systems include SCADA, Asset Tracking/Monitoring and related. GIS Inspection Robotics includes Drones, Remote and Autonomous Vehicles (ROV’s & AUV’s), and Crawlers. These systems are used for specialty inspection applications such as underwater, tanks, duct work, nuclear, confined space and other hazardous environments. Greysam provides full project support from mobilization, inspection, to final report.


GIS provides solutions for confined space operations; specialty inspections, both underwater and above; and complex system integration.


Automation & Robotics allows System Integration and Specialty Inspections and Work to be performed by robotics, drones, remote & autonomous vehicles and crawlers for underwater, nuclear, confined space and other hazardous environments.


The technologies offered allow for safe operations while reducing or totally eliminating human involvement.

Mark Foxworth