GovSmart, Inc.

GovSmart, Inc. is a full scale provider of IT products and related services to the federal government and its prime contractors. We simplify IT procurement while offering the most competitive pricing on a wide variety of products from major manufacturers. We sell all types of hardware and software and specialize in providing certain custom technology services as well.

Featured Technology

Additive Manufacturing

GovSmart, Inc., in partnership with Markforged, is providing the government with special materials 3D printing. With the ability to print in carbon fiber, kevlar, various steels, and super alloys such as inconel, we have the solutions to support the government’s mission in streamlining their fabrication and manufacturing operations.

Additive manufacturing is changing the modern machine shop. With Markforged 3D printers, you can print parts that are strong enough to replace machined tools, fixtures and even end use parts. This innovation is enabled by a unique Markforged-patented ability to embed continuous fibers in each part. Engineers can choose to reinforce parts with carbon fiber, fiberglass and even Kevlar. Example use cases include: Shop tools, fixtures and jigs, UAV replacement parts and sensor mounts, Expeditionary replacement parts – door handles, mortar wrenches, radio clips, functional prototypes. Markforged can also print a wide range of metal materials for your applications. Their technology allows you to handle all materials without the need of hazmat equipment and training requirements associated with traditional metal 3D printing processes.

Adam Deane