Goodway Technologies

Goodway Technologies, a USA-based manufacturer of technology-driven innovative maintenance and cleaning solutions is located in Stamford, CT. With over 55 years of engineering excellence, Goodway is the industry leader specializing in safe, efficient, and easy to use solutions to help maintain critical systems and drive cost savings. Goodway offers a full range of products and is a long-time and current supplier to the Federal Government.
Our core products include: Chiller and Boiler Tube Cleaning | Coil Cleaning | Cooling Tower Cleaning | Surface Sanitation Systems | Air Purifiers | Industrial Descaling Systems I Dry Steam Cleaning |Belt Cleaning Systems | Industrial Vacuum Cleaners | Drain Cleaning | Duct Cleaning Equipment | Hose & Pipe Cleaning | Pressure Washing | Inspection & Test Equipment | Tools & Tool Accessories.
Goodway Technologies specializes in industrial maintenance products for a diverse list of markets: HVAC, Energy, Facilities Maintenance, Maritime, Power, Manufacturing, Food and Beverage Production, and more.
Contractors, engineers, and maintenance professionals worldwide use our products to: maintain HVAC systems, plant machinery, hazardous cleanup, surface cleaning and sanitation, and other industrial maintenance needs; and to perform routine and critical maintenance tasks safer and more efficiently.
Differentiators: Our BioSpray® line of sanitation and disinfection systems are USA-Made. These alcohol-based systems have been used globally to keep facilities and employees safe from pathological and viral outbreaks.
Our Quality Policy: Goodway® strives to exceed customer expectations by providing the best-valued products and services and continually improving upon them. ISO 9001:2015 certified company.
Awarded 2022 State and Regional “Exporter of the Year” by the U.S. Small Business Administration.


Featured Technology

CC-400 Coil Cleaner and RAM-PRO Chiller Cleaner


Thick evaporator and condenser coils have always been a challenge to clean. Either there’s too much pressure that damages coils and fins or too little water volume that can’t get through the thick coils. The CoilPro® CC-400HF HiFlo® is the answer to those situations. It combines the best of both worlds – 400 PSI of cleaning power with a 3 GPM+ flow rate that powers through even the thickest, dirtiest coils.
All this innovative cleaning technology in one small, handheld design. The CoilPro CC-400HF operates on AC power and connects to a 3/4″ water line for continuous operation. It offers special siphon technology to draw from CoilShine®, Goodway’s expanding foam detergent, or other non-acidic cleaners, laying on a thick layer of foam and then using the CC-400HF patented technology to blast dirt, grime, and biological matter from coils quickly. This unit includes our sectional 3-piece wand, which allows for better cleaning behind coils and sprays with a 90-degree nozzle attachment. Ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach coils.

If you clean chillers or heat exchangers on-the-go, then the RAM-PRO-60-KIT is for you. This top-of-the-line portable tube cleaner is built with rugged, industrial features. Quick-connect shafts and brush make changes quick and easy, while the roll-cage protected design keeps the unit safe in the back of the truck. This is the most comprehensive tube cleaning kit on the market.


CC-400 – Dirt, debris, biological growth and more in your coils?
RAM-PRO – Dirt, sludge, chiller tubes beginning to oxidize?


CC-400 – Coils need a deep clean that the CC-400 can provide.
RAM-PRO – Easy to use, rugged and dependable RAM-PRO to the rescue.


Better efficiency, smoother operation. Perform annual maintenance before maintenance finds you!

Ari Vogel