Gecko Robotics Inc.

Gecko Robotics is a leading NDI services company that pioneers revolutionary robotic technology and software to enhance infrastructure integrity via comprehensive inspections. Each year over $100B is spent to maintain the critical infrastructure that serves our world, inspections being a critical component. Using robots keeps workers away from hazardous environments and provides orders of magnitude better data coverage than traditional methods, especially in hard-to-reach areas. The data allows the owner to better diagnose asset damage and predict future life. This results in optimally-targeted maintenance, lower costs, more up-time, and, most importantly, fewer fatalities and injuries.

Featured Technology

Robotic Inspection Systems for Structural Integrity Assessments

Gecko’s fleet of Automated Ultrasonic Testing (AUT) robots detect a full spectrum of damage mechanisms at any resolution. Robots have the capability to distinguish damage mechanisms of wall-thinning, coating loss, corrosion, pitting, weld cracking, hydrogen damage and more using rapid ultrasonic gridding and phased array ultrasonic testing inspection methods. High-density data maps are visually presented in Gecko Portal® with maintenance and risk based inspection (RBI) programs in mind. Data deliverables in the Gecko Portal allow for interactive discovery of inspection data using thickness filters and time-based differencing, as well as annotating, sharing, and exporting.

Will Elliott